23 de outubro de 2005

Missing the good old days where friends were right next door, when sanity was just a detail... but not a useful one!
missing the singing and the mind games...
the laughter and the the dancing.
this is how i felt yesterday: missing a bunch of things!
after that, i felt a little bit sad cause i thought i didnt enjoyed life as much as i should back then... i had much more to give... to live.
... then i decided to listen some music and relax... and suddenly... i realised something! ... spining and dancing like butterflyes and laughting like angels... their eyes looking at mine to see if i was paying attention. at that moment i saw.
wath a fool i've been... how can i think about things i've lost when i have the biggest treasure of life right next to me! i should complain when if my children are sad or hill, i should cry if they feel pain and dance with them whenever the music plays! i should also try to be Like a butterfly!

this is how i feel today: greatfull for a bunch of thing!